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Toms Diner Ledgewood NJ


Restore Tom's Diner Committee will be rolling out several community programs in partnership with Roxbury Social Services/Food Pantry, NJDOT's Safe Routes to School Program, Easter Seals, Roxbury Schools & more!

Roxbury Social Services/Food Pantry

Tom Seretis & Janet Wald in the Roxbury Food PantryThe Roxbury Social Services provides Roxbury Township residents with necessary services and information based on individual needs and handling emergency situations in our community. For additional information, please visit

The Roxbury Eats Alliance is a coalition made up of all the food establishments in Roxbury banding together and help Janet Wald and the Food Pantry. 300 families (500+) people in town rely on this important resource every 2 weeks. Tom's Diner pledges to provide free and discounted meals to people in our town during the holidays.



NJDOT Safe Routes Program

The Safe Routes to School Program (SRTS) is a federally funded reimbursement program that was established in August 2005 by the Safe, Accountable, Flexible, Efficient Transportation Equity Act. For additional information, please visit New Jersey's Department of Transportation website »


Protect Family Dinnertime

Tom's Diners' Chef Allen EmmonsWe are rolling out a program with a series of cooking demonstration videos that future Tom's Diner chef Allen Emmons and Owner Tom Seretis will be hosting, that will show how kids can act as sous chefs in meal preparation. Children are more apt to be receptive to eating something they created themselves and this program aims at building self-esteem in the process. Most importantly, it stresses the importance of turning off all electronics and having the entire family sit at the dinner table to enjoy the fruits of their labor. Studies show this effort benefits the children tremendously.